The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Our future world will have to find equilibrium in the technology pendulum swing”. — Stephane Nappo

The future is uncertain however there’s one thing the world is certain about- “The evolution of technology in the coming time”. The futurists are of a view that within next twenty years majority of humans will be replaced by automated robots. Ray Kurzweil, an American inventor and futurist predicted that the crucial moment when machines become smarter than humans will occur in our lifetime. However these are just prophecies and not the facts. Still this uncertainty presents a great opportunity.

Role of technology in present era

The Science of Today is the Technology of tomorrow.

Technology has played a significant role in impacting our lives and moulding our thought process. It has revolutionized our world making it faster, better and smaller. The factor that helped technology in reaching the masses is “There is no compulsion on understanding the technology as in the long run we have to just use it.”

From multifunctional devices like smart phones to easier way of communications like social media platforms technology and innovation has paved our way into a highly digital world. It has contributed greatly in opening the window of opportunities for coming generations.

The amount of information shared on these social media platforms is phenomenal. This has not only helped in bridging the gap between different sections of the society but has also helped in connecting people with diverse backgrounds. Thus these technological advancements have made our lives way more convenient and fun.

Few inventions that will change the world by 2050

World is changing fast technology will drive the future.

AI Enabled Robots

The current innovation patterns appear to be brilliant in terms of humans working parallel to robots. But as automatic and robotic processes continue to create waves in business most of the people have voiced their fear about a world run by robots.

These AI Robots are designed to act like mechanical humans except they are not just restricted to mechanical and electrical domain but are way more efficient and faster. They are programmed to sense and interact with their environment. In a nutshell these robots will have their own intelligence and behaviour. Although it will assist humans by increasing their comforts it will also lead to loss of labour force in different fields and all at once.

Self Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars are among one of the most hyped ideas in the technological history. From “The Guardian” to “Business Insider” everyone predicted it’s future to be 2020. But the year is about to end and we haven’t heard of any such cars yet. However we should not lose hope since research work is going on a vast scale and the implementation is about to reach an end.

Self Driving or robotic car is a vehicle with a unique capability of moving safely with a little or no human input. They are combined with sensors and software which helps in controlling and driving vehicles just by sensing the environment. These cars might lead to decrease in number of road accidents and can impact this world positively.

New Sources of Energy

This prediction was made by the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates in his annual letter in 2016. According to him these renewable sources of energy will power the majority of world by 2030.

Unfortunately we are much closer to Global Warming today and hence people are searching for alternative sources of energies. Gates wrote — “If the world can find a source of cheap, clean energy it will do more than halt climate change.”

Thus the future technology will include efficient solar power generators and devices to harness geothermal energy at a larger scale. This will not only contribute in conserving the environment but also will turn out to be beneficial for poorest section of the society.

Virtual Reality

David M. Ewalt an American journalist and author says, “The headsets are great right now, but they are not perfect. Resolution needs to keep getting better.” The major drawback of VR’s right now is that it is really massive and people avoid keeping such big things on their face for more than an hour. Thus the work is still on to make it more comfortable and convenient for use.

The purpose behind creating this technology was to provide people with a real world experience by building a simulated environment.

Although virtual reality is being explored in lot of fields we will soon be able to see it’s applications in academics and sports by 2050.

Floating Farms

Bill Gates wrote in this 2015 Annual letter“In next 15 years this world will see great innovations in farming”. With increase in population by 2050 the demand for food will also increase. Majority of population will live in urban areas far away from farmlands.

Hence in order to solve these issues Javier Ponce an architect of Forward Thinking Architecture has created a new design, which shows a 24 m tall, three tired structure with solar panels on top to provide energy. The middle tier will provide veggies by utilising nutrients in liquid and in turn these nutrients and plant matter will act as a source of food to feed fish.

The world has already succeeded in developing more productive and nutritious fertilizers and crops which are draught and disease resistant. With access to these technologies the farmers will be able to double their yields.


Without technology humanity has no future.

At this point when we consider 2050 it appears as though it is ages from now and we envision a totally extraordinary world, yet in reality it is only quite a while from now and we are already aware of the fact that what will be possible to have by that time. We have a lot of economical and social issues but we can’t simply rely on technology to solve our problems. Thus we need to work upon our educational systems as well as work towards creating magic.

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